Arnout de Bruijn - Fluid Artist from the Netherlands


Hi! Welcome to my website. I Hope you will enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy making it. 

Let me introduce myself first: my name is Arnout de Bruijn, I'm 35, married and dad of three kids. The five of us live in an old farmhouse at the Dutch countryside, together with our 12 sheep and two rabbits.


What I like most about the whole process of making art is the unpredictable way the fluid paint and canvas interact with each other. With each piece there is a fine balance between the imagined outcome and a slight uncertain factor. As with most physics, the way a fluid behaves does not let itself be calculated exactly; practice always wins from the theory.


My work can be characterized as abstract and psychedelic, while having a certain theme or feeling. I do not know what I will me making on beforehand, the created outcome is a combination of intention and surprise. 

My background is in in fluid dynamics engineering and currently executing a fulltime job as HVAC  & Refrigeration consultant in the food industry sector. The creativity and results in my engineering designs flows in this artwork as well; each piece has to be unique and perfect! If i am not satisfied, the customer will not be either!


Please take a look at the webshop for my original art pieces. If you like my work but want something custom made, please do not hesitate to contact me! If there are any questions or remarks I am looking forward to hear from you!



I am open for commissions. To create a piece of art especially for you or for your loved ones, do not hesitate to contact me and together we will discuss the endless possibilities.


Looking forward to hear from you!!